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n image depicting a diverse group of employees engaging in team-building activities, such as a team sports event or a collaborative project, to promote a conscious business culture.

Conscious Business: How to Build Value through Values

People are constantly evolving and adapting to things around them. Likewise, it is important for organizations to adapt. Organizations can keep employees that make them feel a sense of belongingness when they are understood among their peers. This is the secret to a conscious business connection – upholding values within your organization so that it is in alignment with the needs of your employees or members of the team. 

Conscious Business Connection: What is It?

Author and leadership development expert, Fred Kofman, defines conscious business connection as building value in your business through values. This concept is what defines a conscious business model that puts emphasis on values in order to develop a healthy work environment that benefits the employees.

This is an essential characteristic of businesses and organizations that strive to make a difference. It is also an important prerequisite that promotes organizational health and wealth. 

The values that are instilled within your business will serve as a solid foundation. It will also serve as the key factor in attracting customers to your business. It is crucial in order to attract those who are in alignment with the ethos of your company. For this reason, you need to choose people in your team who also embody the values that you uphold. 

Benefits of Conscious Business Practices

In a conscious business, your aim is to build value through values. But why should this be given priority? Here are some of the benefits of adopting conscious business practices:

  • It promotes happier employees who feel valued and supported. It also improves the employees’ mental and emotional health.
  • It allows you to attract better employees. 
  • It allows a business to adapt to change and to arrive at innovative business solutions. 
  • It allows your company to establish a good relationship with the local community and achieve something bigger than business gain. 
  • It allows your business to serve a higher purpose since you are driven by values. 
how to create conscious business connection

Creating a Conscious Business Connection Through Values

The following are the best practices that you need to adopt in order to develop a conscious business connection.

Promote Health and Wellness

The recent pandemic has emphasized the value of physical and mental health to a productive business. Promoting a culture of health and wellness is one way to establish values and strong conscious business connections.

Engaging in health and wellness activities such as team sports creates healthier habits and makes your workforce more engaged. In the long run, it benefits the company as it boosts productivity and promotes brain health.

Give Back to the Community

Partaking in a worthy cause is another way you can establish the values of your company. At the same time, it is a great way to pay it forward. Serving the community is a great way to send a message that your company has values. It is also a great way to co-exist with other members of the community; a crucial element to becoming a conscious business. 

Build Connections With Shared Experiences

Organizations hold annual events such as team building and team potluck in an effort to foster shared experiences among its employees. It is one of the best ways to promote a conscious culture within your organization. People from all walks of life and culture can come together as one unit, bonding through food and other experiences. 

The long-term benefit of this activity is the ability to establish social and professional connections. When the employees bond on a deeper level, they tend to work better together.

Forge Collaborations and Social Connections

Encourage employees to collaborate on projects and make collaboration-building a priority within your company. Make this possible by creating a dedicated space within your work environment that is solely for collaboration activities. 

However, collaboration should not be solely focused on work-based activities. You can also encourage social-based connections so your employees can foster friendships.

how to establish conscious business connection

Promote Mindfulness

Business is highly glorified these days. Most people tend to associate being busy with productivity. However, you can turn things around and encourage mindfulness in your organization. 

Mindfulness is when you become fully aware of what’s happening at any given moment. It’s a sense of “just being”. The mindfulness sessions are designed to improve creative thinking and boost brain patterns. The long-term benefits of promoting mindfulness include less stress and improved focus. 

Encourage Learning and Curiosity

Encourage your employees to constantly seek new learning opportunities and to be curious. Let them know that it is okay to make mistakes; what is most important is to learn from those mistakes and discover new ways of doing things. This mindset promotes that desire to seek out knowledge that benefits one’s self and the organization as a whole. 


Values of a conscious business include ethics, social responsibility, sustainability, transparency, employee well-being, and making a positive impact on society and the environment.

Start a conscious business by defining purpose and values, aligning with sustainable practices, creating a business plan with social and environmental considerations, building strong stakeholder relationships, and prioritizing employee and community well-being.

Conscientious business operates with integrity, ethics, and social responsibility. It considers the impact of decisions on stakeholders and works towards sustainable outcomes. It prioritizes purpose, values, and long-term sustainability alongside financial success.

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