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Power Of
Leadership Development
Be Future-Ready

Learn to transform through an experiential approach of applying the process of re-shaping self and systems.

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Why Conscious Leadership Program?
Be One Step Ahead

The only reason your leaders are not quite where they can be is that they simply haven’t been shown how to switch on that potential- until now. To thrive they need skills to:

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Facilitate Growth

Optimize Resources

Creative Problem Solving

Reflective Action

Stop Striving

Start Thriving

Leading from a higher state of consciousness enables you to:
  • Feel empowered, capable, more at ease.
  • Deal effectively with growing external complexity and challenges.
  • Solve seemingly ‘unsolvable’ problems.
  • Treat those in our lives with empathy and compassion.
  • Lead with love, not fear

Helping Leaders Thrive
Conscious Leadership Program

Our roadmap to conscious leadership program has helped leaders around the world assess, reinvent and evolve themselves.

“True leadership is not about commanding; it’s about connecting with hearts and minds to ignite the spark of collective greatness.”

Shalini Matai

Achieve Long-Lasting Results

No other program creates such long-term transformations while embedding the learning of the process of facilitating transformation. 

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

Transformational Leadership Program

Transformational Leadership Program

Integrating Modern Knowledge with Ancient Wisdom Philosophies

Integrating Modern Knowledge with Ancient Wisdom Philosophies

Customized Team Journeys

Customized Team Journeys

Skill  Building (PQ, EQ, IQ, CQ)

Skill Building (PQ, EQ, IQ, CQ)

Peer Learning

Peer Learning

Create a Culture that Fosters

Collaboration and Innovation

The future of work is here and it’s asking us to re-invent ourselves and our ways of working. In the next decade, we will see a rapid change in the way we work. We all know that a thriving culture is a key to success, but how do we create one?


Leadership can be learnt. Develop leaders who can learn, grow and consistently outperform themselves. 

Accelerate Growth

Accelerate Growth

Press fast-forward on the results you get from your people.   

Unlock Potential

Unlock Potential

Unlock the hidden potential in the people to help your organization thrive.

Improve Performance

Improve Performance

Get peak performance from your leaders and teams.

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Brands that believe in us

Learn from the best

One conscious project has a large, diverse network of Coaches and specialists. Experience a positive shift in just one session.

Leadership is a profession you can continuously develop. You can learn the founding principles that will help you develop your leadership skills and unlock the full potential in yourself and your teams. 

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