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Day One Free Preview
Conscious Leadership

Welcome to your Day One Video Series...

Here is What Tiina-Maija says:

"Shalini has a broad knowledge and the ability to share complex information in bite-sized, skilfully executed talks. The One Conscious Project offers continuous opportunities to self-reflect and grows along the transformational journey."

Many community members have completed and benefited from this FREE 2 Days Conscious Leadership Video Series.

We are thus excited about you making the most out of it too. Click on the videos below to start watching and download your reflection journal and summary.

Adult Stages of Development

We are all familiar with stages of child development, are you aware there are stages of Adult development too?

Unlike  children, development in adults is a choice, commitment, and the path to personal mastery.

Do you know research shows that only about 1% human of the human population reaches the Self Transforming mindset, the 3rd stage of Adult development?

Find out more about the three stages of Growth in adults; Socialized Mind, Self-Authoring Mind, and Self-Transcending Mind, how these relate to our outcomes in life as a leader, and how to embark on this journey of growth through these videos and lessons.

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