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Day Two Free Preview Conscious Leadership

… And Bring Out the Best Leadership Potential in You!

Welcome to your Day Two Video Series...

Here is What Rupashi says:

"My Journey of OCP was undertaken mainly for my self-evolvement and improvement with the main focus to be able to ‘ Flow in this River of Life’. As months have passed, a subtle process has started in my subconscious, helping me realize my limiting patterns, nudging me towards growth, and helping me flow with less resistance. I am excited about this progress as I continue unraveling each module. Go ahead and get started..."


Action = Reaction…is a concept we are all familiar with! 

With stimulus comes reaction is learning embedded deep in us from life experience. We react when triggered. As a coach one of the most common aspirations leaders want to work with in coaching is to be less reactive and act more responsibly…   

Being reactive is a natural defence mechanism in our nervous system to keep us safe. Survival is an innate need in all living things. As Humans, we have the unique ability to use the intelligence of the mind to discern between real and perceived threats. And then use the power of the same mind to transform the reactive response into a responsible one.    

Between Stimuli and Reaction is a space where awareness and intentional breathwork techniques can induce a bio-chemistry that transforms our emotions, thoughts, and behaviour from reactive to constructive.    

Learn more and practice to begin your journey to Personal Mastery and Responsible action.    

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