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Beyond Success:
Finding Purpose in Paradise – A Mastery Retreat​

A safe place to explore your deepest questions and emerge with a renewed sense of purpose and vitality.
Join us on 4-day Leadership Mastery Retreat in Bali, Indonesia from 24th-28th March 2024
A transformative experience designed to help you :
Reflect, Rejuvenate and Re-create

As a leader, you're used to problem-solving and making things happen

And yet, there are times when you find yourself questioning your purpose and direction

When the relentless pursuit of success leaves you feeling drained and disconnected.

What's my work?
What's my legacy'
'How do I continue to challenge myself and grow?'
'How do I make the leap to seek discomfort?'

That's where our Leaders Retreat comes in.

Join us on 4-day Leadership Mastery Retreat in Bali

Indonesia from 24th-28th March 2024

Leaders often face unique challenges, such as:

The pressure to constantly perform

The loneliness of being at the top

The difficulty in finding balance and fulfilment

Burnout, stress, and a loss of meaning.

Our retreat is designed to address these challenges and help you:

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Rediscover your intrinsic motivation and reconnect with your purpose

Learn to thrive in the face of adversity and disruption

Develop resilience and strategies to prevent burnout

Cultivate mindfulness and self-awareness

Chart a course for the next chapter of your personal and professional journey

Our retreats are enabled by Nature and Silence.

Collective Wisdom and Intelligence,
A space for self-discovery and creativity.

Set against a serene backdrop, this retreat will provide you the opportunity to step back from the demands of leadership, offering a sanctuary for renewal and reflection.

We invite leaders to retreat and reflect,
something simple enough to do, yet rarely done.

As you step back and reflect, you will gain new insights, surface blind spots, and find creative solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems, such as 'What is my work', and 'What is my legacy'.

And you find, you are not alone. Collaborating with others on the same journey you will discover synergies and wisdom, and relationships that may last a lifetime.

Join us in this transformative experience to emerge rejuvenated and with a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

What to Expect?

Embarking on this transformative journey, a preview of what awaits you during your Leaders' Retreat:


Engage in guided activities to reconnect with your leadership journey at its core,

exploring your experiences, aspirations, and challenges. 

Envision your professional trajectory with a strategic framework for goal-setting that aligns with your intrinsic motivations, fostering a renewed sense of purpose. 

Experience the power of mindfulness against a serene backdrop.

Daily silent meditation and mindfulness sessions cultivate heightened awareness to navigate leadership complexities. 

Forge meaningful connections with fellow leaders through group activities, discussions, and small-group sessions, creating a supportive community of shared insights and camaraderie.

Benefit from the wisdom of seasoned facilitators dedicated to helping you navigate the unique challenges of leadership, providing valuable insights and tools. 

The Benefits of Your Leaders Retreat Experience


Engage in guided activities to reconnect with your leadership journey at its core,

exploring your experiences, aspirations, and challenges. 


Learn practical strategies for balancing leadership demands with self-care, ensuring sustainable excellence. 


Improve leadership qualities through interactive sessions and workshops, fostering authenticity, resilience, and strategic foresight.


Leave with a valuable toolkit for continuous growth, including enhanced communication and goal-setting skills.


Join a lasting community of fellow leaders for ongoing support and connections beyond the retreat.

Your Leaders Retreat experience is curated to deliver profound insights, personal growth, and lasting connections. Prepare to emerge with a renewed sense of purpose, resilience, and the tools to navigate your leadership path with clarity and confidence.

Leaders Retreat:
A 4-Day Journey to Rediscovery and Renewal

Frequently asked question

Each Session Details Program

  • Energizing: Stretching and Mindfulness 
  • Reflections and Collective Wisdom Sharing
  • Framework Introduction
  • Experiential Learning
  • Self/ Group Work
  • Framework Deep Dive
  • Creative Learning
  • Integration
  • Framework Deep Dive
  • Peer Learning
  • Meditation for Present Awareness 
  • Creative Movement & Expression
  • Collective Wisdom Sharing
  • Balinese Purification Ceremony 

Day 1:

Unveiling Your Leadership Purpose

Morning Session:
Setting the Stage
Visionary Thinking
Adaptive- Authentic Leadership

Afternoon Session: Holding Complexity Survival and Growth

Evening Session: Fireside Chat and Networking

Day 2:

Discovery & Breaking Barriers

Morning Session:
Unlocking Possibilities
4-kinds of Intelligence
Afternoon Session:
Listening Deeply

Evening Session: Mindfulness and Reflection
Creative Movement

Day 3:

The Silent Mindfulness Retreat

Day of Silence and Reflection in Nature.
From Nothing comes Something...
Perfect space for Creativity, Ideation, and Design

Evening Session:
Creative Expression

Day 4:

Integration and Future Forward

Morning Session:
Actions and Expressions, Coaching
Afternoon Session: Learning & Integration

Evening Session: Celebration and Commitment 356243634 3361183634195163 37602488118046572 n 1080 369737333 18286263952130870 5460452138528164200 n 1080 356929924 1712710425838913 3632339938867562249 n 1080

Retreat Venue

Bali Nirarta Centre

Nestled in Bali's lush river valley, Bali Nirarta Centre offers a unique retreat experience that seamlessly blends Balinese culture with the 'Way of Unfolding.' With breathtaking views of Gunung Agung, an authentic, untouched-by-tourism setting in Tabola and Sidemen, and a pleasant climate, this venue serves as a strategic canvas for transformative reflection and contemplation. It's more than just a location; it's a catalyst for strategic brilliance. 60292303 878822359153067 2967722957208770679 n 1080 370053139 18286263973130870 7676156688589875112 n 1080 60215831 688411544925797 7480267458286007696 n 1080

Meals + Lodging:

Nourishment and Tranquility

At this retreat, we don't just feed the body; we nourish the entrepreneurial spirit. Meals are not a mere culinary experience but a strategic component designed to fuel your mind, body, and creativity. MEALS are taken in the airy open thatched 'bale' with stunning views of the river, gardens, and rice fields.

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Shalini Matai: Transformation Facilitator and Coach

Shalini Matai is a visionary architect in the transformative realm of leadership development. With over 15 years of coaching mastery and a profound commitment to continuous learning and sustainable growth, she brings a strategic blend of experience, expertise, and passion to our Entrepreneurial Leadership Retreat.

  • Founder, One Conscious Project, a boutique consulting and Learning & Development firm 
  • Visionary leader behind the 9-month Conscious Leadership Program 
  • Strategic impact felt through her affiliation with Aberkyn, a McKinsey-owned firm 
  • Senior Consultant/Coach with the Resilience Institute, facilitating transformative change at the highest levels 
  • Co-founder of the ICF Chapter Jakarta and IADT, championing global coaching standards 
  • Instrumental role in designing and securing approval for two ACTP coaching training programs with ICF 
  • +3000 coaching hours with diverse leaders across sectors 
  • Professional Coaching Certificate since 2014, bringing depth of experience to our retreat 
  • Certified facilitator of transformative learning, with strategic contributions to ICF-accredited Coach training programs 

Join Us on This Transformative Journey

Ready to embark on a transformative journey?

Invest in your lifetime of happiness and wellbeing with our exclusive retreat experience.

Early bird price: $2,699 (limited 

Full price: $2,999

Limited spots available!

Register for one of our upcoming retreats or reach out to us with your questions. We’re here to guide you every step of the way. 

“Coaching with Shalini changed my life!!! She was able to assist me overcome my fears and find what I really want in my life and how to achieve it”


“Shalini is very spiritual and able to connect with deeper feelings in others. Her communication is very authentic. She is able to intervene in the process of individuals as well in groups. She knows what she does and is well balanced.”​


“I experienced Shalini as very accepting. She made sincere effort to understand our team and me as a leader. I was surprised by the meditation session; it brought the whole team to a deeper place and connection. Shalini finds the right balance between practice and introspection.”


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