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Be Future-Ready

Learn to transform through an experiential approach of applying the process of re-shaping self and systems.

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What is the Inner Operating System (OS) of an organization?

How to upgrade this Inner OS to thrive in today’s VUCA world?

Some common challenges of Organizations are: 

  • Disruptions from digital evolution  
  • Changing employee mix  
  • Non-alignment of Purpose and Values
  • Capitalize on untapped human capital 
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Limited resources 
  • Focus on performance while balancing all the above
  • …and more 

At the core of an organizations’ success are its leaders.

Successful, sustainable organizations require leaders who learn, grow and…

Consistently outperform themselves

Our learning and experience led us to create a program to enable leaders:

  • Hold a Systemic view
  • Lead with shared vision, purpose, values and Inclusion
  • Self-transform: Creatively and consistently re-invent themselves and the systems they are part of…
  • Overcome all the challenges that Organizations face

All these and more through the art and science of re-inventing Self and Systems

One Conscious Project is a 9-months Conscious Leadership Program

This is an Inside-Out and Outside-In approach that will…

  • Expand the Internal Capacity (Balcony view from a quiet Inner state)
  • Build the External capability (Resolute and skillful action)
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Why 9-months?

Our learnings from research and experience: 

  • Growth in Consciousness: Internal transformation manifests new ways of connecting and acting
  • Transformation requires perseverance, effort, and time
  • Duration: Short-term interventions fail to achieve long-term objectives. Change does not stick.

Our approach

We trust expansion of Consciousness is the key to holistic development 

  • We integrate wisdom of ancient traditions, with modern knowledge, research and scientific approach, working with 4 intelligence systems (Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit). 
  • Experiential learning: Learn to facilitate transformation through hands-on approach of applying the process to transform self and systems
  • Long term interventions at both Team and Individual, facilitating deep inner transformation, making change stick!

Our Process for Organization / Team and Individuals 

  • Diagnostic assessments at Organization /Team and Individual levels
  • Multiple Team interventions and Individual Coaching
  • Emerge shared and personal aspiration direction
  • Key frameworks from masters in the field of leadership development
  • Re-pattern the nervous system through cultivating Mindfulness, Heart and Body practices
  • Multi-dimensional learning tools including multimedia, experience, journaling and more 

Assess Current State:

We use multiple diagnostic tools to assess the current state of the system and individuals.

Emerge desired State: 

Team intervention to Individual 1:1 coaching to emerge individual aspiration and direction.

Bridging the gap:  

Team interventions along with the OCP personal program through 9 months to: 

  • Identify mind-set and behavior shifts
  • Learn the process of De-constructing Self and System
  • Expanding Inner capacity
  • Learn the process of Re-creating Self and System
  • Co-create actions
  • Build Capability (Soft skills)

We trust alignment in Values fosters engagement

Our program embeds and through experiential method teaches principles of Systems Thinking (Peter Senge), Adult Stages of Development (Robert Kegan), Theory U (Otto Schaermer), Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Barretts values work, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Mindfulness and Heart practice, Breath work and more... facilitating developing capacity of the Mind, compassion and heart and alignment with hands.

USP of the course

We have not come across another course like this that focusses on long term transformation while embedding the learning of the process of facilitating transformation. This truly paves the path for leaders to develop a self-transforming mind.

What does Conscious Leadership do for companies?

We use Keagan’s model to explain…. 

The development of the socialized mind happens in us sub consciously from our need to be safe and belong.  

Moving to the next stage of adulthood; self-authoring mind depends to some extent upon our context and our individual drive to grow and be recognized.  

The development of third stage of adulthood in us; the self-transcending mind requires open mind, open heart and open will.  

A deep commitment to transcend one’s own limitations and serve from a place of humility and compassion

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This is conscious leadership

One for all, an equanimous way of being in the face of all life’s gifts and challenges. 

Be one step ahead

The only reason your leaders are not quite where they can be is  that they simply haven’t been shown how to switch on that potential- until now. To thrive they need skills to:
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Facilitate Growth

Optimize Resources

Creative Problem Solving

Stop Striving

Start Thriving

Leading from a higher state of consciousness enables you to:
  • Feel empowered, capable, more at ease.
  • Deal effectively with growing external complexity and challenges.
  • Solve seemingly ‘unsolvable’ problems.
  • Treat those in our lives with empathy and compassion.
  • Lead with love, not fear

Helping Teams Thrive

Our roadmap to conscious leadership has helped teams around the world assess, reinvent and evolve themselves.

Achieve Long
Lasting Results

No other program creates such long-term transformations while embedding the learning of the process of facilitating transformation. Our 9-month in-depth course truly paves the path for your leaders to develop a self-transforming mind.

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

9-Months Transformational Leadership Program

9-Months Transformational Leadership Program

Integrating Modern Knowledge with Ancient Wisdom Philosophies

Integrating Modern Knowledge with Ancient Wisdom Philosophies

Customized Team Journeys

Customized Team Journeys

Skill  Building (PQ, EQ, IQ, CQ)

Skill Building (PQ, EQ, IQ, CQ)

Peer Learning

Peer Learning

Creating a Culture that Fosters

Collaboration and Innovation

The future of work is here and it’s asking us to re-invent ourselves and our ways of working. In the next decade, we will see a rapid change in the way we work. We all know that a thriving culture is a key to success, but how do we create one?


Leadership can be learnt. Develop leaders who can learn, grow and consistently outperform themselves. 

Accelerate Growth

Accelerate Growth

Press fast-forward on the results you get from your people.   

Unlock Potential

Unlock Potential

Unlock the hidden potential in the people to help your organization thrive.

Improve Performance

Improve Performance

Get peak performance from your leaders and teams.

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