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Our A-Team

Meet the team driving our mission to create an empathetic and thriving work culture where people are nutured to become better version of themselves.

Our Core Leadership Team


Shalini Matai

Founder and Facilitator 

I am deeply passionate about learning and growth and aspire for a world that operates from the paradigm of a purposeful, ethical, and inclusive society that promotes a collaborative mindset. 

This journey of inner growth has taken me through multiple levels of questioning and reflecting.  

From growing up in a conservative social system to evolving into a marketing and finance professional, my experience and learnings help facilitate multi-level inner growth in others for long-term sustainable change. 

I have trained in Ontological, Epistemological, and Transformational coaching to foster transformations in self, others, and organizations. 

I have been in the field of facilitating transformation and coaching for over 10 years. I have been serving as an affiliate with Aberkyn, a McKinsey owned Leadership development firm since early 2015. 


Gurpreet Talwar

Co-Founder and Certified Coach

Gurpreet, a co-founder of the One Conscious Project, is a fashion industry professional and a successful entrepreneur from India and currently runs her own service company in the export business and is a certified coach. 

Despite having a husband in a coma for 14 years and losing another partner in an accident, her inner strength and resilience led her to start her own business and raise a positive, happy and successful family. 

Despite all the challenges life has thrown her way, her unbounded positivity and  passion for learning are what makes her business and the people around her thrive. 

Her personal experiences have fueled her desire to share the wisdom and insights from her transformation, strength, and resilience with everyone. 

She helps people see unrecognized possibilities in their lives through expanded awareness and leads others with an inclusive approach to feel fulfilled in all areas of their life. 


Sony Vasandani

Co-Founder and Certified Coach

Sony Vasandani, a co-founder of One Conscious Project, is a serial entrepreneur from Australia with a passion for training and mentoring parents and teachers to become the best educators for their children for over two decades. 

Sony has done heaps of life coaching to help her accomplish all that she has and continues to do in life. 

She is a leader in the Montessori movement in Indonesia and other countries, making a difference and living the life she desires thanks to all the life coaching. 

Like children, adults have a great potential to become great leaders, to be better in every area of life, helping them live a fuller life. 

Through this project, she desires to help people like her, to be in the ‘flow’ in their role and allow them to become more conscious leaders and lead a fulfilled life. 

She believes in the power of re-wiring the mind to maximize one’s inner potential. She embodies clarity, direction, and resolute energy, that is at the core of every successful venture. 

Our Facilitators


Lalit Matai

Coach and Facilitator

My expertise in strategic management, international marketing, and business development supports the leadership development and executive coaching sessions.

I trust sustainable long-term success in any organization
is rooted in developing and maximizing human capital. I have deep faith in human potential and trust that transformation is possible in individuals, businesses, and communities.

With over 28 years of experience in heading retail and apparel manufacturing divisions in the fashion, retail, and apparel manufacturing industry learning is an important value for me, and I continue to learn on this path of coaching and facilitation.

Tiina Image

Tiina-Maija Bergman

Coach and Facilitator

I had 15 years of experience in the international Hospitality industry before my Leadership Development, Inner Transformation Facilitation, and Coaching studies. Currently combining both professional worlds through consultation engagements.

My experience of climbing the highly competitive corporate ladder brought me to the brink of burnout on a few occasions and led me to seek holistic therapies as an alternative to living with the prospect of managing stress-related migraines with medication. This led me to realize; to be at our best we need to ”be well” holistically.

I advocate for the importance of well-being in the corporate space, and the triad of Mind-Body-Spirit wellness, which I see as a cornerstone for sustainable personal and professional expansion and transformation.

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